Tuesday, March 31, 2015

T'm getting older, I am now 9 years old.

I am Casey a tri-colour Jack Russell Terrier. Mum has spoiled me rotten. I love to have rides around the house on her shoulder. When we go for walks I also get a ride especially if we see some magpies. She thinks I am scared but I'm not...really I'm not. I hate going for rides in the car. Usually I am taken to my Doctor, I know this and I cry all the way. But there's not a peep from me on the way home, I sit up and watch everything around us.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Growing up Growing older

Now, I am seven years old, although I am still quite active.  I am having some trouble getting up the back steps. But if it's dinnertime I can fly up.  I trick Mum and Dad all the time. 
We had some visitors the other day, that tall person I saw a few weeks ago and a little person.  I've seen them both before.  The little person has grown lots.  He and Mum were playing with a big ball, but the little person kept trying to kick it to me.  Mum should tell him I can't do that.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Missing Person

Over the past month Dad has gone missing for days at a time, and when he does come home he is really ornery.  He wouldn't let me have a nap with him today,  I just wanted to be with him, after  not seeing him since last week.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Patrol

I've told you that I'm boss of this house.  However there are some things I just can't do.  Like last week, the washing machine started making strange noises.  I know it is a new one.  So I went and got Dad and brought him out to the laundry.  My, he is smart to know what I wanted.  So he fixed the problem, and made a big fuss over me but I think he went overboard a bit.
Someone else has been living here.  I think he is related somehow as I've seen him before, and last time he brought a lady and a little person with him,  But he didn't bring them this time. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm up to more tricks

 I'm the boss in this house.  I decide when people sleep and when they wake up - especially Mum.  I'm beginning to be rather picky about my meals too.  I just won't eat that canned stuff.   Ugh.

There is a big dog next door now, I keep out of his way,  I'm not sure how friendly he is. But we talk through the fence.

The last few days I've been trying Dad's patience.  I stand at the bottom of the steps and whine as if I can't get up.  He comes out to carry me up and I dash up on the double.  Mum woke up to me very quickly and won't play that game with me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Introducing Me

Hi, I am a three year-old Jack Russell terrier, and I'm really cute.  Well, everyone I meet tells me so.  I'm a happy little soul, and inclined to be a little lazy.   What?  Yes, a  lazy Jack Russell? 
I live with Mum and Dad.  We have a stranger in the houses as well.  I think he's afraid of me. He backs away because  I give him a noisy welcome when he arrives home every afternoon.   We have lots of colourful birds called lorikeets in our back yard.  I love scattering them as I run across the garden.  I leave the big blackbirds  to eat and drink at the birdbath in peace.

When it is Mum and Dad's bedtime Mum comes outside to look for me.  I hide from her in the corner under the trees and  bushes.  I play hide and seek with her for a while and then let her find me.    I'm the boss at my place.  I decide when people sleep and when they wake up.  I also keep watch over the property and let Mum and Dad know if visitors are arriving or if people are just passing by.