Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Introducing Me

Hi, I am a three year-old Jack Russell terrier, and I'm really cute.  Well, everyone I meet tells me so.  I'm a happy little soul, and inclined to be a little lazy.   What?  Yes, a  lazy Jack Russell? 
I live with Mum and Dad.  We have a stranger in the houses as well.  I think he's afraid of me. He backs away because  I give him a noisy welcome when he arrives home every afternoon.   We have lots of colourful birds called lorikeets in our back yard.  I love scattering them as I run across the garden.  I leave the big blackbirds  to eat and drink at the birdbath in peace.

When it is Mum and Dad's bedtime Mum comes outside to look for me.  I hide from her in the corner under the trees and  bushes.  I play hide and seek with her for a while and then let her find me.    I'm the boss at my place.  I decide when people sleep and when they wake up.  I also keep watch over the property and let Mum and Dad know if visitors are arriving or if people are just passing by. 

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